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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Ahh I won't be able to sleep tonight and I need someone to talk to. TALK TO ME SOMEONE! Why am I still up? Because I just got home from Sharx and I have to go to work in 3 hours at the dep and then I have to go to work again at Sharx and go back to the dep on sunday morning and go back to Sharx again at night. Can you believe? I really can't. Kill me someone!

So, I need someone to talk to, but no one’s online when I need it the most so I'll just talk to myself on my blog, fun right?

10 facts of the moment:

1-I failed the taxation class. As my teacher said, there is nothing worst than death and taxes in life. I totally agree.

2-I went to La Senza wholesale and bought 11 bras. When I had to wash those 11 bras all at the same time, I thought to myself, I need a man who is good at washing bras and in exchange, I'll wash his car.

3-What do I do at home? I watch Hong Kong series and it's getting so boring! But it’s still better than going to work. I love vedgetation.

4-When my stomach is empty, I weight about 123 lbs! Loll Don’t worry, I love food too much to deprive myself. Oh and food is especially delicious after midnight.

5-I finally found out why P is always blowing hot and cold. Another pitiable man trapped in the past, that's why.

6-I’m leaving Montreal on the 19th of June. I should probably celebrate or something, but I work all the time! HELP!

7- I have enough of perverted and aggressive boys. Just last night, some guy I met at Sharx called me to ask if he could come over because he had a bottle of wine…Pfff am I a slut, dude? I have wine at home too.

8-The assistant manager at the dep is pissing me off. Really. I know you're tired, but don't complain to me, please?

9- I want my long and sexy hair back! FAST FAST FAST!

10-I miss my friends, sorry we see each other often but I love you all alot alot =)

Since when the weekends became so sad?

But yes, I chose it.

You got a life?

Monday, 18 May 2009

That is so fackin funny!

Hey, if you hate me, then why the hell do you stalk my facebook and blog on a daily basis? You got nothing better to do than sending me hate mails to show me how obsessed and jealous you are? You think I don't know who you are just because you don't use your usual e-mail address? Goddamn...people like you are just sooooo pitiable. I really have hard time believing that there is that kind of stupid people on earth! I kind of like diversity though because I can't really show people how smart I am, if there were no retarded people to compare to, right?

So, what's going on? I got the e-mail of some no-life bitch named "Darlene P." few days ago, and here it reads:

I read your blog and I wanted to say good for you! Get your eyelids done!

It might make your face more tolerable to look at you abomination. Wait, who am I kidding? The eyelids won't do. You're better off getting an entire facelift. Actually, I have a better idea! Why don't you smear shit all over your face instead? I'm sure it'll still be an improvement over that nasty face of yours.

The e-mail address used is tuffcookie999@hotmail.com, which is also the e-mail address of some random girl who added me on msn back in 2005. Yes, 2005. I don't usually talk to random people on msn, but anyways. Apparently, her name in 2005 was Tiffany...Here's what she says:


You must be so embarrassed about yourself that you don't even dare to use your real name...aww poor you.

You know what? I love hate mails. Honestly, they are actually more interesting than those oh-you're-so-hot mails. So good job yo!
Hate me with all your energy, hate me with a passion, and send me your creative lines, please! I’ll read them when I need something to laugh at, perhaps during my study breaks.

PS.: Go get a life at the dollar store honey.

Oh wait, I wanna show you something:

I'm so goddamn HOT today! hehehehehe!

Don't you just wish you were hot like me?

Jealous yet?

Abortion, gay marriage and plastic surgery

Friday, 15 May 2009

Are you for or against abortion?

Are you for or against gay marriage?

Are you for or against plastic surgery?

Are you for this or for that?

Etc, etc, etc...

Let me tell you. Every time there is that kind of debate going on, my answer is always:" It should be a personal choice". Every single time. I’m tired of repeating myself.

Who are you to decide if others should get abortion or not? To have gay marriage or not? To have plastic surgery or not? Are you the one going through abortion? no! Are you the one in love with someone of the same sex? no! Are you the one who wants to go under the knife? no! So why do you have to add your opinion? Who are you?

Oh, is this against society? Is the majority more important that the minority? Is there some people more normal than others? Or are more worthy because you got more pennies in your pocket? Narrow-minded people are adnormal, prejudices and intolerance are abnormal. Abortion, gay marriage, plastic surgery are perfectly normal.

Right or wrong...you don't know! The only person who knows is the one who is subject to this.

Why am I saying all this? Because I have to announce something. I decided to get my eyelids done. YES! You heard it right!

If I were against plastic surgery, I can find tons and tons of reasons to justify myself. Contrarily, If I were for plastic surgery, I can find as many reasons to defend myself as well...but it's all meaningless and all a waste of time, because I’m the only one who knows. I know it's right for me...It might not be right for you, but, it's right for me! That's what I want and I will do it because I like it that way. Just because I like it; Not because I want you to like me. I don't even know who you are. PSHH.

Natural beauty? Well no I'm not, is that fine? Are you bitches happier now?

Don’t get me wrong, because I love myself. I just don’t believe in things such as “natural beauty”. What’s natural beauty really…

For people who talk about natural beauty, and tell me that I should appreciate what God gave me...(btw, I don’t believe in God)
In that case, did God give you earring holes? No? So why do you go against nature and pierce your ears? Because everyone has it so you feel justified? Just because everyone does it, does not mean it is right! And just because no one does it, does not mean that it is wrong!

Ever dyed your hair? Ever permed your hair? Ever put on make-up? Ever had braces? Ever shaved? If so, then what do you have to say about plastic surgery? If not, it’s your choice, not mine. Having plastic surgery is my choice, not yours.

AND! I'm not denying my Asian roots, because I absolutely adore everything about being asian, even small boobs.

I'm fake, my hair is fake, my eyelashes are fake, my nails are fake, everything on me is fake, except one thing. What's inside me is not fake and that’s what I call natural beauty; you can only see it with your heart. Everything else is FAKE. I actually didn't need to tell you guys all this, but I just wanted you to think about it and I don't mind letting the world know. Just think about it. There is a lot more to think about, other than sex.

People who decide to undergo plastic surgery shouldn't be afraid to tell the truth. It's not only about plastic surgery, it's about everyone who is subject to this unfairness. Be strong! Be proud! You didn't do anything wrong...because you had the courage to do what you like. Don't be trapped in those values dictated by society. You got to stand up and fight against prejudices for your own sake, and for all those looked down upon because they did what they like and what makes them feel good. Show them that there is nothing to hide, you are what you are, and not what they say you are. We're much smarter than those people judging us anyways.

As I said, I'm also speaking for everyone else who don't dare doing what they like because of society. Society doesn’t mould us; we should mould our society into a desired one. Let’s push it, push it into an open-minded and an improved one. Everyone deserves to be happy.

Don’t worry, I’m still the same Elaine even with my new eyelids!

Let's remain good friend?

Ever heard that? "Let’s remain good friends"?

Got a brain? So why don’t you use it before saying things you might regret? If you regret, then at least let me know!

Why do you wanna remain good friends? Huh? Can you really consider us as friends because you can let go that easily? Or, is it because you can't let go and you hope that there will still be another chance in the future? Either way..."remaining good friends" is simply stupid!

I tried e-mailing Kevin to tell him that I’ll be visiting him this summer, but for some reasons I keep getting delivery failure notifications. What is that supposed to mean?
Basically, there are 2 reasons:
1- He changed e-mail address.
2- He blocked me.

If he really changed his e-mail address, he should at least tell me, no?
If he blocked me, then...it means that he regrets what he says.

I'm not mad at him or anything, because I want him to be happy and if he chose to do that, then he must be happy that way...I just really have a hard time understanding this and maybe I don't really know him that well.

"Let's remain friends". Yeahhh...sure.
Trust me, that's not a good way to move one.

The past is the past. There is nothing I hate more than people who can't let go of the past. If you were able to take it, then you should be able to leave it.



Monday, 11 May 2009

I live well.
I laugh often.
I love much.


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Another convo that goes nowhere

Friday, 8 May 2009

I knew it! That's too stupid for nothing. I'm so sick of this! WHY WHY WHY! Here's another useless conversation that goes nowhere, I should've saved my finger muscles.

Txt messages:
Me: Hey **That's actually my co-worker who sent that accidently
P: Who's this?
Me: The one u miss the most
P: Lol like who
Me: I'm know all ur secrets and I'm hotter than u
P: Megan fox?
Me: Where r u?
P: I'm obviously in ur mind whoever u are lol **Pfff yeah well, that dude knows his lines.
Me: But I want you here
P: Lol who are u??
Me: Wanna come out? It's Ej
P: Oh its u lol, what r u doing
Me: sad its not megan fox? So wanna come chill
P: Where and what
Me: can I call u
P: Not right now I'm with my bro **That's not weird just a little. At that point I predicted that he will not txt back

3 hours later...
P: So what's up **Oh that's surprising for once...
Me: Call me **and of course he didn't call, like duh!

1 day later...
P: Sorry I was on the phone with someone yesterday
Me: Its alright **What more can I say.

That was so gay.

Ladies, that's the exact type of cocky guy who wants too much attention.

Gents, talking for nothing is not good for your mental health.

Only as high as I reach can I grow...

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Only as high as I reach can I grow
Only as far as I seek can I go
Only as deep as I look can I see
Only as much as I dream can I be

-Karen Ravn

Oh Please

Friday, 1 May 2009

Hot boys who do their hair without washing their hands right after they peed.

Ugly boys who try to hit on the hottest girls in a bar with the cheesy pick up lines from Internet, thanks google.

Dumb boys who intensely stare at hot chicks from head to toe and from toe to head while their (less pretty) girlfriends give them the nastiest and bitchiest stare.

Shy boys who dare staring at girls' butt from behind but don't have the guts to look at them in the eyes.

Oh pleasssse!

Please please please...

(Don't you recognize yourself? Go hide in a closet, PLEASE!!)

Because he's always right and I'm always wrong

Today, as I was preparing to leave, he asked "How did you get that bruise on your leg"?...as if he cared. He didn't even say sorry about what he said last time, in fact he never says sorry for anything because he is always "right". When I think about it, I realize that he never taught me anything... nothing except screaming at me, beating me and scolding me. Then he expects me to be all those things he never taught me to be. He never taught me how to forgive, to say sorry, or even to care for someone. If I'm only a piece of garbage to him, then I'll act like a piece of garbage around him. I almost wanted to scream at him and say "None of your fuckin business", but instead I just ignored him. There is no one day I'm able to eat in peace, sleep in peace and study in peace when he's around and that's because no matter how hard I try to deny him, I still care about what he says to me even if I think everything he says is stupid. Sometimes I'm scared that's how it's gonna be forever, but there are also times when I'm so tired that I'd rather leave things the way they are and regret if I have to. I can write everything here, I can tell all my friends, but I don't think I can tell him in his face..because he's always right, and I'm always wrong.

And yes I got a fuckin huge bruise on my leg and I don't know how I got it:

It's so ugly!!

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