No more hesitations

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Aren't we just so cute? hehe...

You know what? I just had McDonald's nasty iced coffee at 6 in the morning, my feet are hurting, traces of eyeliner are still on my eyes and it's raining outside...but I feel right. No more mindgames, no more headaches, no more...

That is he going to tell me that he will call me again? Because now he doesn't even have to decide; not up to him anymore. He can continue to play his little boring game alone. It didn't have to come to point like that; we're just friends...but he always says things that cross the line; says one thing but does gives me headaches. I really don't give a shit if I lost him as a friend because he wasn't a good friend anyways, ha.

Hesitations only get you more attached. Learnt to not hesitate anymore.
I remember how stupid and detestable I were before...until someone slapped me in my face to wake me up. I still thank that person because it made me more rational than ever.

Other than that, I had a super great evening!

Christina's Wedding!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

We used to play together when we were little...and now she's married! It feels funny haha...

Try to spot me on the picture...

Guess who that is:

My cousin, Mandy Alissa:
I love her :D

My cousin, Marco:

How to piss someone off: Mixed messages

Friday, 28 May 2010

Girls, if a guy tries to mess with your mind, don't be stupid enough to act like you're pissed and don't say any degrading words such as the typical "You got a small dick, dude". It's not going to work if he doesn't actually have medium-small dick. Similar to the fact that if you tell Angelina that she is ugly, she would probably not give a fuck since she's obviously not ugly. You can say those words in your head but not to their face. That's just going to entertain them; it's almost flattering in a way.

If you don't want to be the one who has to beg and feel stupid; here's what you should do: be friendly and polite, give him your most genuine smile and all your attention, ask to hang out, say you'll call him, make him believe that your waiting for him because he's just "that important"...but then do nothing of the sort, pretend he doesn't exist and switch your attention to someone else. His ego will eventually break down.

It's okay to be immature to people like him.

PS: I'm just kidding; I'm not actually going to do that and the only reason why is simply because I don't believe it can solve the problem...not because I can't.


Thursday, 27 May 2010

愛你的那一個 傷你的那一個
放棄了這一個 然後等待著下一個

你給過我的 他們是做不到的
雖然過去了 我們也都經歷了

釋懷教育著仇恨 和平勸著天下人
故事發生了便住下了 不管好的壞的
你讓我成長了 就算是痛得值得

愛你的那一個 傷你的那一個
放棄了這一個 然後等待著下一個

愛你的那一個 傷你的那一個
放棄了這一個 然後等待著下一個

離開時別忘了 看看眼前的人
流淚記住了 還是微笑祝福著



Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I hate that person so much I don't want to touch anything that might possibly remind me of him. And I'm pissed because everything indirectly reminds me of his existence somehow. I'm pissed because even new people I meet remind me of him. The way I behave around those people reminds me of him too.

I'm pissed because sometimes, I still want to know how he's been doing.

I wish he dies....just kidding.

My hair is not orange anymore!

Monday, 24 May 2010


Fishnets are ugly...

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Unless it's on me...

China ♥

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I couldn't show everything, I'm sorry! China's Great Firewall censored it...

Orchid Ball 2010

First nude photoshoot

Thursday, 6 May 2010

I was really insecure about my body when I was a kid; I didn't like my flat chest, flat face, big fingers, big arms, fat waist, height, ugly feet and blablabla. I wouldn't even wear a tank top. Can you believe?

Now, I really love everything I have :)

There are no words to describe your beauty, only these images can...- Gordon, the photographer.


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Is it true that the secret to happiness is staying busy? Or is being busy a form of mental laziness because you don't want to have time to think?

Everything is moving so fast compared to just last week. I used get up whenever I felt like it, go to school in jogging pants and naked face, come home to study, sleep and that was my routine every single day. Now I need to get up early, answer my e-mails, take job offers, do my make-up, go to meetings, trainings, photoshoots, school and whatever else. I'm just tying to keep up with my crazy social life, living with all my non-sense and I don't have time to think about worthless crap. I feel so detached from all emotions because I don't have time to stay in my bubble; I'm too busy to think.

I kind of like that though because a lot of times, I can't seem to move on because I easily get attached to specific things and people, which is not smart because nothing is permanent. However, now the faster my life moves, the more actions there are, the less time I have to get attached to one thing or one person...which makes me happy, or maybe simply too busy to notice whether I'm happy or not?


Monday, 3 May 2010

1-) I finished my last exam yesterday.

2-) I'm not celebrating.

3-) School starts on tuesday....again.

Let's call this "celebrating"!
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