La Nuit Blanche

Sunday, 3 March 2013

@La nuit Blanche

I kind of wanted to see the "Art Souterrain", but we were pretty late, and were hungry, so we went for some late night snack. Then, we went to the Cinematheque for "La grande nuit du rock". It was quite good, although I was very sleepy. I completely fell in love with Freddie Mercury from Queen. He has so much charisma and such a great voice. Ahh, memories..

Lastly, we went to Fantasia. I usually like short movies, because I like how they never tell you enough; it leaves up a lot of interpretation and imagination. But I thought most of the movies that night just didn't have any point...Although I could see the effort that went into producing these movies...

That was my first time going to La Nuit Blanche. I don't exactly see the point of staying up so late just to smell rotten beer, and to be in the middle of a crowd of lousy people and noisy kids; would have totally enjoyed this more during day time.
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